Friday, July 9, 2010

Our 35 Week Doctor's Appointment

We see the doctor once a week now.  It's nice to be able to go in so frequently, because the babies could be here any day now.  Today's appointment was pretty standard.  They took my blood pressure - 104/68.  My blood pressure is looking very good (despite the fact that my feet are swollen beyond recognition at this point).  He did an ultrasound and said that both babies look good, are head down, have plenty of amniotic fluid, and have appropriate levels of abdominal movement.  He did a Group B streptococcus test today, which is standard procedure.

We're still in the "gray zone" this week where they might try to stop labor if I were to go into labor before next Wednesday.  After that, they would go ahead and allow the babies to make their grand entrance.  I'll be glad when we get to that week 36 milestone next Wednesday.

We go in on Tuesday for another growth scan to see how the babies are growing.  Dr. V said that the growth scan estimates tend to get less and less reliable the bigger the babies get.  I'm still looking forward to hearing their estimates, though (hoping that Baby A has had a growth spurt).

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