Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Rapid Weight Loss Solution

I'm going to patent a new rapid weight loss solution.  It's going to be called "The Birthing Twins Diet."  I started at a pre-pregnancy weight around 155 lb.  Here is the progression just before and after birth:

  • Pre-pregnancy weight:  155 lb.
  • Weight one day before giving birth:  209 lb.
  • July 21, 3 days after birth:  190 lb.
  • July 22, 4 days after birth:  180 lb.
  • July 24, 6 days after birth:  174.5 lb.
  • July 25, 7 days after birth:  172 lb.
  • July 27, 9 days after birth:  171 lb.
  • July 29, 11 days after birth:  170 lb.

I have lost 39 pounds in 14 days.  Of course, by "lost", I don't mean that I'm burning fat.  I lost 12 lb 9 oz of baby, plus their amniotic sacs and placentas.  I probably lost a lot more weight in fluid retention and having my blood volume decrease down to a more normal state.

I have to say that the idea of losing another 15 lbs is much less daunting than the idea of losing the entire 54 lb that I gained over the course of my pregnancy.

And, of course, these babies would be worth every pound even if I had stayed at 209 lbs forever.  I love them to pieces.  =)

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  1. I was anxious about how weight loss after twins would go, but it's crazy what our bodies can do! Breastfeeding is awesome for it as well. I'm with you, once I got rid of all of the extra fluid it was like I was a normal person again.