Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is She Really Wearing That Again?

Is she really wearing that again?  Wasn't she wearing that yesterday?  I feel like I've seen that skirt before...

No on has actually asked me this, but if you're wondering, the answer is "yes".  I am down to the point where I really only have about 3 shirts that properly cover my gigantic celestial body at this point.  I have some black skirts from Old Navy that are extremely comfortable and don't add pressure onto my already full bladder.  So I'm down to about 2 or 3 outfits that I can wear in public.  It's just not worth it to go buy more clothes at this point.

Also, I am apparently completely incapable of eating without dropping food all over my shirts, so I can usually only get one public meal out of them before they are embarrassingly dirty.  I feel like my plate of food either has to be about 2 feet away from my mouth (which is a long way to carry food on a fork without dropping it) or it has to be propped up on my little table of a belly (which is quite functional but may be pretty odd to onlookers).

But I promise to break out all my nicer clothes after the babies get here and I start to deflate a little bit.  I think it's going to be fun for me to rediscover my old wardrobe.  I haven't seen most of that stuff in almost a year now - wow!  I really miss my shoes.  I haven't worn anything but flip flops in at least 4 months, and even my flip flops are tight!


  1. I remember this well. It was hard to "lean over" towards the table since I was like two feet from it, but then I just had to hold my plate. I constantly dropped food on the belly shelf (or down my shirt). And hardly any shirts covered the belly at the end, but like you - what's the point of more clothes at the end? It was nice to get out "regular" summer shirts again!

  2. Oh, yes. I catch food on my "food shelf" all the time. It IS hard to lean up toward the table. So I can either try to get the fork all the way from the table to my mouth 2 feet back, or I can actually set the plate on my shelf (which is what I do at home). At least the babies should be messier eaters than me once they get here. ;-)