Thursday, July 29, 2010

Projectile Poop & Pee

Both babies have had some pretty exciting projectile pees and poops over the past 12 days.  I think the first "episode" was when I was holding Miles' legs up wiping his bottom and then I looked up to discover, to my horror, that he had peed on his own face!  I quickly cleaned him up and felt like a horrible mother for letting him pee on himself.  He has done that at least one other time after that (while I was changing him).

Last week, while my mom was changing Miles, she had his legs lifted up to wipe his bottom.  He actually pooped with so much back pressure that it shot off the table and hit her in the leg.  Jason was there to see it.  I only saw the aftermath.

Note to self:  stay alert while changing diapers.

1 comment:

  1. We were lucky with Adria on this count (except for the one time in the pediatrician's office when Adria had a 5-alarm, 3-diaper poopy after taking off her diaper for the scales...we had JUST gotten the [first] new diaper under her when she let us have it).

    I have heard that with boys there is a trick where you sort of use the front flap of the diaper as a guard whenever you aren't actively cleaning them. It kind of seems like you'd need three hands for that but I'm sure it comes with practice.