Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Orientation & Mommy's Kick Perception

The OB asked us to count the babies' kicks a few weeks ago.  I had to lie down for an hour after a meal and count their kicks.  Here is what our kick count card looked like:

You'll notice that I started off trying to put the marks for each kick in the space provided.  After a couple of sessions, I realized that there simply was not enough room for the tallies.  So I started keeping the tallies on scratch paper and then just writing the totals on the card.  By Wednesday, I had my methodology worked out.  The numbers in front of the slashes are Baby A (boy) and the number after the slashes are Baby B (girl).  You can see that on Wednesday, he had 50 kicks in an hour where she had 18.  The doctors really only want to be sure that they move 4 or 5 times an hour, so both babies are clearly fine.

On our Friday appointment last week, Dr. V said that our baby boy has his legs up (in front of my rib cage).  Our little girl is oriented more sideways (head-down but rotated to where her legs are pointed towards the little guy instead of toward my ribs).  It's much easier for me to perceive his kicks, because he's kicking me in the abdomen or the ribs.  But it sounds like she is probably kicking him, so it's harder for me to perceive her movements and her kicks. 

I wonder how much he is perceiving her kicks, though.  May make for some interesting early sibling rivalry...

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  1. Wonder if you are gonna have a pair of soccer players on your hands?