Saturday, July 17, 2010

What My Nights Look Like

  • 11:30 - finally go to bed after trying to delay it because I know I won't be able to sleep
  • 12:30 - fall asleep for the first time
  • 1:15 - wake up with aching shoulder/back, pee, roll over (the rolling over alternates the aching from one side to the other and provides temporary relief)
  • 1:20 - fall back asleep
  • 1:45 - wake up with aching shoulder/back, pee, roll over
  • 1:50 - fall back asleep
  • 2:15 - wake up with aching shoulder/back, roll over, fall back asleep
  • 2:45 - wake up, pee, roll over
  • 2:50 - fall back asleep
  • 3:30 - wake up, pee, roll over
  • 3:35 - fall back asleep
  • 5:15 - wake up, celebrate that I actually slept for almost 2 straight hours (but don't get too excited, because it might keep me from going back to sleep again!), pee, roll over
  • 5:20 - wonder why there are birds outside chirping even though the sun has not come up?  what kind of birds are these?
  • 5:30 - start getting annoyed that I'm not falling back asleep
  • 6:30 - decide that I'm just not going to fall back asleep and get up, eat some breakfast, drink a big glass of water, watch television in the recliner
  • 8:45 - try going back to bed
  • 8:50 - fall back asleep
  • 9:45 - wake up, pee, roll over, fall back asleep
  • 10:45 - wake up and stay up (at least until my 2 o'clock nap)
Jason actually started sleeping in the guest bedroom this week because he can't get any sleep with all of my rolling over (which involves multiple pillows and lots of complaining grunts) and my snoring (because I apparently have insane pregnancy congestion).

At least once the babies get here, I will be somewhat used to sleep deprivation... maybe.

And, yes, they are still worth every sleepless night.  =)


  1. Amanda claims that she slept better once Adria was out, even with the crazy feeding schedule, than she did towards the end of the pregnancy. Sounds like you're there.

  2. Leslie, sounds like you are just having TOO MUCH FUN! You are almost there. Unless.....................
    Saw a news story the other day of a lady having twins who weighed 10 lbs each. Feel like going for the record??

  3. Soon you'll be holding those sweet babies in your arms and won't even remember all that aching. Sorry its so tough in the meanwhile, though. How's Jason doing? That must have been scary that he had to go through all that testing, especially at this time in your lives! Praying everyone is feeling better soon! Love ya! :)

  4. ps, Leslie, I really like how you made the header on your blog. How were you able to get the picture that size? I tried to get my cake photo much smaller when I set mine up, but was never able to find a way to shrink it. Btw I L.O.V.E. the ring you have on your right hand in the maternity shoot. Any story behind that ring? It is fabulous.

  5. You captured it perfectly. It was the first time I would actually dread going to bed b/c it wasn't any fun anymore.