Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddy of the Year

Even though Jason is still a daddy of two gestating babies, he gets the Daddy of the Year Award in my book.  Here are some of the things that my sweet husband does that make me love him more than I thought was possible.

  • He keeps my water glass full all night.  Keeping myself properly hydrated is really challenging.  I realized that I start "conserving" water if it gets lower than half a glass (just a weird "Leslieism").  In the evenings when I'm sitting in my recliner, he will refill my water glass throughout the night without me ever asking.
  • He takes my dishes away when I'm done eating and puts them in the dishwasher, just so I won't have to get up.
  • He sifts the kitty litter every single day (upstairs and downstairs) and has done this since we got pregnant.  This used to be my job.
  • He started mowing the lawn after I got pregnant.  I really liked mowing the lawn pre-pregnancy, but it's just not an option now.  He does it every weekend.
  • He suggested we "celebrate" the 4th of July with some ice cream and a movie (since we couldn't go outside to watch fireworks with the heat).  He knows I love ice cream almost as much as I love him.  
  • He vacuums and cleans the kitchen more than I do (seriously, does this get any better?).
  • He calls me on his way home from work to see if he can bring me dinner.
  • He reads every single pregnancy book after me.  He has probably read almost as many books on pregnancy and twins as I have at this point.  I love that he loves our babies already.
  • He often calls me from work just to say hi and see how my day is going.  When I call him, he always sounds worried until I say, "Everything is ok.  I'm not having babies or anything."
Jason is the kind of man who looks for ways to be loving and helpful and looks for ways to take care of us (now that "I" am "us") without me having to ask for it.  It's just his nature.  I'm a lucky woman.

Thanks for being a great daddy, Jason.  I love you.  The babies love you, too.  =)


  1. Leslie,

    You and the babies are very lucky and truly blessed! Jason is an amazing man. It will be awesome to watch him with his babies.

    Love and blessings,


  2. Oh my gosh....I am definitely in love with J Fox....we are expectantly waiting on the kids to get here!