Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I (Jason) am not as good at this blogging thing as Leslie, but I am just trying to post a few pics/updates every day or so to keep everyone informed.  The goal is also to provide a rough outline for Leslie to come back later and fill in more details.

We had both of our babies get their frenulums clipped because they had tongue tie (not a surpise since Leslie and I were tongue tied as infants).  It wasn't fun seeing our babies go through the process, but the doctors were wonderful and the babies recovered quickly.  Leslie immediately noticed a better latch by Miles and Vivienne.  The hardest part will the be the "tongue massage" that we must give each of them after each of their feedings for the next 7 days.  Miles doesn't seem to mind it so much, but it really upsets Vivienne ... and that makes it hard on Leslie.

Friday is our second pediatrician appointment, and hopefully they'll see some progress with Miles and his jaundice.  Up until now he has not received any formal treatment, but if they detect it is getting worse, then he'll have to undergo some light therapy.  We've tried our own low-tech approach with natural sunlight through the window, so we are hoping for good results tomorrow.

We are also meeting with the leading lactation consultant in the area tomorrow.  We took her class last week and really got a lot out of it.  It is very encouraging to hear that nursing twins is possible since Ann (the LC) had twin boys herself and can relate with our situation.  Also, Leslie is progressing very well with her pumping sessions.  I find it very cool to see her volumes continue to rise from session-to-session.  I am in charge of storage and preservation so I'm going to have my hands full soon.  I really admire her determination and commitment to breast feeding our babies.

Here's a pic from today of big brother and little sister sleeping next to one another.  They are growing up so fast already.


  1. So cute!! It is so sweet when they are cuddled up together sleeping.

  2. That is a gorgeous photo! Love it. You guys sure do make cute babies! Love ya!

  3. Super cute. I love that they are so close! I hope they remain that close as they grow up too!