Friday, July 16, 2010


Tonight is probably the first night since Wednesday where I actually hope the babies will not come.  Jason had a bout of vertigo last night and then it hit him again today at work.  At one point, it was literally bad enough to basically drop him to his knees.  He went to the doctor and they ran all the tests (including an EKG) and said that everything looks ok.  They suspect that it's a simple inner ear problem that will go away on its own.  I offered to pick him up from work, but he drove himself home.  When he walked in the door, he looked like he was about to throw up or fall over.  After some OTC motion sickness meds and an hour or so nap, he seemed to feel a little bit better.

So I'm hoping that the babies come after Daddy has overcome his vertigo problem.  It would not be good if we got stopped by the police on the way to the hospital because they think he is driving drunk.  =)


  1. We've been praying for the "dizzy daddy" since I talked to you yesterday. Hope this bout is over and you are back to hoping the babies come today! Let us know if we can do anything!
    Love from all five of us!

  2. Yuck. As someone prone to motion sickness already, I know that this isn't fun. Good luck Jason...