Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Longer a Gold Medallion

I have come to realize that in this transition from full-time travelista to stay at home mommy, I will lose my treasured Delta Gold Medallion status.  No longer will I enjoy the free upgrades, short lines, free checked baggage and sense of superiority above "the people in the back of the plane".  I will have to ride along with the rest of the underlings, sitting in middle seats (oh, the horror!), getting annoyed at gate agents who do not care because I will not be important to them anymore.

The good news is that air travel with infant twins seems completely insane to me, so I think it's unlikely that I will subject myself to it very often.  (Honestly, travel at all - by car, boat or plane - with infant twins seems completely insane to me.)  At least I will only be reminded of the stark contrast between my "old life" travel status and my "new life" travel status about once a year.  Hey - maybe I can try to work the twin baby angle and at least get to board early...


  1. As I pack up for what will be Adria's 8th round trip plane ride in her short 1.5 years of existence, I wonder if your prediction of no flights will be correct. Lap babies are free up until 2 years, checking strollers and car seats is free and flying can be way easier than driving.

  2. There are a few extra challenges with twins. We can't sit in the same row (we can't sit beside each other) because there is only 1 infant mask per row. We would have to carry twice the baby supplies (car seats, bases, diapers, clothes) and our parents can't even pick us up in one of their cars because we won't fit in one car with the babies. Something tells me that it will just be easier to stay home...