Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 BOB Revolution Duallie

Yesterday, I returned my old BOB Revolution Duallie to REI.  There was a recall on our BOB, and I was pretty unhappy with the retrofit solution the BOB sent us.  I wasn't sure if I was being too picky, but it was a pretty expensive stroller and if I pay that much for something I would like it to function well.

Our 2011 BOB
In returning it to REI, I was able to pay the difference and get a new 2011 BOB.  I loved my previous BOB, but this new one has so many small improvements that make a big difference.

Vivienne looks as cute in the new one as she did in the old one, of course.
  • The sitting area is much more padded and provides better support for the babies.  The older version was more hammock-like, but the new model has much more structure to it.
  • The leash on the new stroller is much shorter (only a foot long or so?) and hangs from the handlebar.  The old model had a long leash coming up from the bottom axle.  It would drive me nuts because when I would just be walking around (and not needing to use the leash), I had to tie it around the handlebar to avoid tripping over it.
  • The stroller has a clip to keep it closed when it is folded.  Basically the handlebar has a clip that attaches to a second clip on the axle, keeping the stroller locked in a folded position.  This makes it so much easier to get in and out of the car.
  • The canopy has defined positions that it can be set at - it sort of "clicks" into the different positions instead of relying on drawstrings or velcro straps to keep it in position.
  • The peek-a-boo window cover can be rolled up into a little pocket, tucking it neatly out of the way.
  • It has an incremental way to recline the seat, so you have more choices than just "all the way up" or "fully reclined."
  • The basket under the stroller has been cut so that it is easier to get things in and out.  This used to drive me a little crazy on my old stroller.


    1. Wait, how does the leash work if it doesn't come up from the axle? On our BOB, if we use the leash, we loop it around the axle and through the brake and up. Then if we trip or something, the brake comes down and the leash stops the stroller from down low. If it was around the handle, it would pull the stroller over backwards for sure!

    2. If I trip, but don't fall all the way to the ground (which is the most likely), it will still operate just like the old leash. If I trip and totally faceplant (which I haven't ever done running in my life), then the stroller will go face-up, and the babies will be unharmed. I think the bigger risk is that the grandparents and even us, every now and then, will trip on the leash because it has come untied and is dragging on the ground behind the stroller. I give the new leash a thumbs up. =)

    3. Ooohh, interesting! I love ours, and it was a late spring 2010 since we weren't in that recall, but I wish the seats had more padding. They are definitely lean in that area. It looks like a beauty (esp with Vivienne and Miles in it).