Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finger Foods

Miles and Vivienne have been feeding themselves finger foods for a few weeks now (well, not the fancy dancy finger foods shown above, but you get the idea).  After the puff vomiting experience, we waited about a month to try those again.  Luckily, now Miles seems to be able to handle them.  The babies will eat puffs, Mum Mums and homemade teething biscuits with their hands.  It's cute to watch them pick up the little puffs one by one and pop them in their mouths.  Vivienne is certainly more advanced with fine motor skills, but Miles is coming along well, too.

Miles has also gotten much better about his gag reflex.  He still gags when he gets large bites or clumps of food, but he will generally swallow the food now (versus spitting it out or even vomiting in some cases previously).  We're gradually introducing more chunky foods, like cottage cheese.

There are still no teeth for Miles or Vivienne, so they're still eating very soft foods.


  1. Way to go, babies! Vivienne will be Miss Precise. :) Sounds like Miles and Greg are having the same experience with the chunky foods - gagging, vomiting. Greg is getting *a lot* better with this though, and Miles appears to be well on his way!

    Rachel from playgroup was feeding her son chunks of freeze-dried mango from Trader Joe's. We gave it a try and Greg loves it! The item is located in the middle of the fruit section in case you're interested. :)

  2. We're not so much into the finger foods around here (for eating anyway). Claire likes to pick up the puffs, but doesn't put them in her mouth. She loves mum mums though. That reminds me to get some thicker teething biscuits - the dr also said they'd probably like gumming on them (like you said, they dissolve so fast). Glad Miles is doing better!