Monday, April 11, 2011

How I Lost My Mother-of-the-Year Award

Miles slept like a log today - took at least 4 hours of naps split into two sessions.  It was insane!  After he woke up from his second nap, I packed the babies up and we headed out to finish some errands.  It was just the regular stuff:  post office, Walmart, Walgreens, Harris Teeter.

We puttered down to the post office in my car.  I got out and opened the trunk.  Uh oh.  I forgot the stroller.  Man!  I've always worried that I would do that.  Oh, well.  I have my Ergo carrier (thanks, Rhonda, for the best carrier EVER).  I put Miles in the Ergo and carried Vivienne in on my hip, all the while carrying my package and my wallet.  I stood in line feeling very proud of myself.  A couple ladies made comments about how I literally had my hands full.  The lady in front of me told me that my babies were beautiful.  (I must say that I agree.)  =)  I got up to the front, set Vivienne on the counter, and paid for my package to be mailed.  On the way out of the post office, a toddler was saying,"Bye, bye!" to the babies.  The babies and I were saying,"Bye, bye!" back to the little guy while we exited, then... THWACK!  I banged Vivienne's head against the metal, sharp door jamb of the post office door.  She immediately started crying - that sad "you really hurt me, Mom" cry.

So that's how I lost my Mother-of-the-Year award today.  At least Viv stopped crying by the time we got back to the car.  I pulled the same "wear one baby, carry the other baby" trick at Walgreens without injuring anyone.  (Phew!)  At Walmart and Harris Teeter, I put Miles in the shopping cart while I put Vivienne in the Ergo. 

She seems to have forgotten about the incident already, and luckily she only has a tiny red spot on her forehead.  Poor baby.


  1. It's amazing how forgiving babies are. Adria is old enough to know mom just bonked her on the head and she still comes to me for comfort and forgives me immediately. I am sure Vivienne still thinks you are the best mom ever.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! I haven't gone out doing the carrier/carrying thing (and have rarely ever done it anyway). Good for you!! Fortunately our little ones have a very short evidenced by every morning getting breathless and panicky as they get ready to eat, as if it didn't happen the day before :)