Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Kitchen Lighting Project

I wrote last week about replacing the light fixture over the breakfast area.  This past weekend, Jason and I replaced the ugly cloud-like fluorescent fixture over our kitchen island with a sleeker track lighting fixture from Lowe's. 


After we removed the fluorescent fixture, we realized that we just had wires coming through a hole in the ceiling - versus having a properly installed outlet box.  So we decided that we would move the location of the outlet and install an outlet box.  We bought a brace with an electric box attached to it.  We slipped this up through our new hole and twisted it until the brace was firmly positioned between the joists.

Wires coming out of the ceiling with no box??
New box installed, spackle complete
First coat of ceiling paint

Unfortunately, after we spackled, sanded and painted, we realized that the new ceiling paint does not match the old ceiling paint at all.  It's a pretty bad mismatch.  Apparently there are a lot of variations on white.  But with the new fixture installed, the difference in the paint isn't nearly as noticeable.

New fixture in place

Two new light fixtures!  =)

My mom had a great idea to install the old fluorescent fixture in the garage. I think we might tackle that next.

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  1. Nice job! Interesting that there was no box...isn't it always the way that a simple project turns into a bunch of unexpected steps (and three trips to the store)?