Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Eve!

Yesterday, we went to our church's Easter service.  They have 5 services across Saturday and Sunday, but we opted for Saturday night because it was a good fit for us.  We dressed the babies in their special Easter outfits (Vivienne's dress from a consignment sale and Miles' outfit was a hand-me-down from a dear friend).  The babies looked rather spiffy and we had to take a few pictures.

She looks like a little cherub in her Easter dress.

How did we get 2 blue-eyed babies?

My two handsome guys.

Our church had an amazing Easter service.  Vivienne fell asleep on the ride home.  I had to snap a couple pictures of her looking like an angel in her car seat.


Our angel is ready for bed!
Our friends, Melissa and Brad, came over after church.  We took the opportunity to try to get pictures of the four of us all together outside before the sun set.

Family Easter Portrait

Melissa and Brad

Vivienne loves Miss Melissa.

I love it when Daddy uses me for arm curls!
Vivienne and Miles were very excited to have Melissa and Brad feed them dinner.  They gobbled up some chicken, kale, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Melissa refines her feeding technique.

Thanks for feeding us dinner, Melissa and Brad!
After dinner, we gave the babies a bath and put them to bed.  Then we grilled some yummy cheeseburgers and had fruit and potato salad.  It was so enjoyable to drink some great wine and catch up with good friends.  What a wonderful day to remember how richly we have been blessed.  He is risen!

Miles and Viv are ready for bed.

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  1. Beautiful family!! It sounds like a wonderful, restful day of celebrating Easter.