Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walk at Shelley Lake

Every Wednesday, we get together with our good friends, the M Family.  Kristi and Ian have the most beautiful, sweetest children, and I love spending time with them.  Over the winter, we would usually meet at a Chick-fil-a so that the kids could burn off some steam on a playground and we could eat some yummy chicken.  Now that the weather is a lot nicer, we're meeting at playgrounds and spending more time outdoors.  Yesterday, we walked around Shelley Lake while the kiddos rode their bikes.  Kylie even pushed Vivienne and Miles in the BOB for a good stretch.

For dinner, Miles and Vivienne enjoyed another concoction of chicken, kale and prunes.  It's good to know that they are eating their protein now.

Is there food on my face?

I know I'm a cutie even with prunes up my nose.


  1. Those are two of the most darling messy baby faces I ever did see!
    And yesterday we had out of town friends visiting and Kylie offered to push little Emma on the tricycle. When her mom asked Kylie if she could push that much weight, Ky answered, "Well, you see, I do push Ms. Leslie's babies in their stroller when we take a walk. Just Emma will be easy."

  2. they look like they are loving life with that yummy meal! Glad Miles has come around and joined his sister in the full-blown texture world.