Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reunion with Cynthia, Michael, Lin and Li

Today, we met up with Cynthia and Michael from our multiples birthing class.  After their twins were born, they moved to China.  They are back in the US visiting for a while, and it was great to catch up with them and meet their adorable twin boys, Lin and Li.  They are such strong, healthy babies.  They're not identical, but they still look very much alike.  Cynthia and Michael were the only ones in our multiples birthing class to be having twins of the same sex.  All the other twins were fraternal boy/girl twins.

It was fun to watch Lin and Li crawl around and hear all the fun sounds they are making.  We ate lunch at Lucky 32, which turned out to be wonderful (think "twice-baked grits casserole"... yum!).  We really enjoyed catching up with Cynthia and Michael.  We hope to see them more before they leave North Carolina.

Two Sets of Twins!


  1. Cute pics! Glad you guys got to all meet up.

  2. What adorable pictures! So glad that you got to get together! I do think we had an unusually cute bunch of twins in that class!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon!