Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Birthday Party

Miles and Vivienne went to their first birthday party last Sunday.  (They won't have their first birthday party until July.)  One of our sweet friends, Sophie, from our playgroup had her first birthday, and we enjoyed celebrating with her at the Little Gym.  The party was great fun.  All of the babies enjoyed crawling around on the floor, playing with the bubbles, jingling the bells and rolling the bumpy balls around.  Our sweet birthday girl was wearing an adorable pink tutu and she blew out the single candle on her delicious vegan cupcake.

Happy Birthday, Sophie!!  Thanks for inviting us to our first party!

Cute buddy from playgroup

Miles and Vivienne enjoy playing with bells.

The beautiful birthday girl!

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  1. So fun Leslie! We just went to our friend's daughter's 1st birthday party a week ago Sat at a cute place called My Gym in Pasadena. Seems like our lives parallel every so often. ;) Aren't those little gyms great? So fun to see all the kids playing together. Hudson still can't sit up, so he wasn't as independent as your sweeties. Great photos!! I just love reading your blog.