Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Good Day

Yesterday was another good day all on my own.  I already wrote about going to the peds office and wearing my shirt backwards.  After I got home with the babies, they slept in their infant carriers just long enough for me to eat some lunch.  Then I fed them and somehow convinced them to sleep for over 2 straight hours!  It was absolutely awesome.  I laid down on the couch.  Miles was in the swing, and Vivienne was in the Pack n Play.  We all got a very well-needed nap together.

After that, they woke up and I fed them again.  Then they were a little fussy, but nothing too crazy.  I was able to get Miles in my sling and Vivienne cried in her swing for a little while before she fell asleep again.  After V woke up, I put her in the sling and played with Miles in the bouncy seat.  My Maya wrap (bought on eBay for $50 with free shipping) and my Moby wrap (bought on Craigslist for $16) are absolute lifesavers.  I have no idea how I would do this without them. 

 Me with Vivienne in the Moby

When Jason got home, I was dancing in the living room with Vivienne and singing to the Glee soundtrack.  Vivienne was really just sleeping through the whole thing, but I think she enjoyed it.  Miles was sitting in his bouncy seat looking at us like we were crazy.  I secretly think he was a little jealous, though.  Maybe I'll dance with him today.

Daddy with Miles after Work


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Cute photo too! When Steph asked me what I was looking forward to most with my new baby (for that shower game she does) I had said dancing with him. Definitely give Miles a whirl in the Moby too! I'll bet they'll have those Glee songs memorized before they start talking. =) Also, wanted to ask, do you prefer the Moby or Maya? My cousin just bought me a Moby wrap and I was looking into the Maya too...any reason to have both for just one baby? Are there pros/cons to each? Would love your feedback.

  2. Hi, Katie! I really like them both, and there are definitely pros & cons to both of them. The Maya is really easy to put on quickly. I can literally hold a baby in one hand and throw the Maya around my neck with the other. The Moby, on the other hand, is a LOT of fabric and is much more complicated to get on. You wouldn't want to put it on in a parking lot or anything like that, because it is literally so long that I don't see how you could get it on without it touching the floor. The Moby is also MUCH warmer than the Maya, because it's so much fabric. That is bad in the summer but good in the winter. However, I really like how securely the Moby holds my babies. I feel like I could do jumping jacks with it on and they wouldn't even move. The ring sling (Maya) doesn't hold them quite as snugly (but they are definitely still secure, it's not like it's loose or anything), but I still love it. The Maya is better to throw in the diaper bag and throw it on any time on the fly, and the Moby would be more suited for putting on when we're home and wearing all day (because it's so complicated to get on and off). Also, I think you can breastfeed in both of them (but only when the baby is a little bit older and can latch themselves). Long story short, I really like them both, and I might even buy yet another Moby (because I'm not a fan of the color of the one I bought - it was just a cheap Craigslist find that allowed me to try it out first). Hope this helps!

  3. Super helpful, thanks Leslie! That is exactly the kind of "insider" info I needed. It is so great for me to be a few steps behind you & ask all these questions! I know you always do your research & really think about things, so it really is so helpful! I think I will go with both afterall - was just feeling a bit excessive, but after hearing reasons for at home/ on the go uses I feel more justified & practical! :) Funny what you said about the color of your Moby because I actually specifically showed Josh the entry to show him how nice that color looked on you! I received a black one, but really do like the eggplant organic one - just wish it wasn't so much pricier! What color is your Maya? I think I'm remembering a cream/sand color from a previous post? Also, I noticed they have padded/non-padded versions. Any thoughts on that? Sorry so many questions! Take care mama & kisses to Miles & Vivienne from their far away auntie Katie.

  4. Well, I'm glad you like my Moby color. Maybe I should be more open-minded about it. =) My Maya is a chocolate brown color. I wanted something neutral that I could wear with a lot of different things. I really wanted a lighter off-white one, but I figured that would get way too dirty way too quickly. The organic ones do seem nice, but I agree that they are so much more expensive. My Maya is padded. I like the padding, because I think it makes it easier on my shoulder, but I've never tried the non-padded kind. I can't wait to see pictures of you with your little guy snuggled in your wraps!! I'll give the babies kisses for you!