Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Shirt is on Backwards...

This morning, we had to take Vivienne back to the pediatrician again because there is no record of her newborn screen, a blood test that they give all babies.  Apparently, this is required by the state, and Miles' results came back but Vivienne's did not.  The nurse at the pediatrician said that it was on V's discharge papers, so she thinks that maybe the state threw it out, thinking that it was a duplicate (apparently this can happen with twins fairly easily).  Anyway, it was annoying to have to haul the four of us back to the pediatrician, and I hate it that she had to get yet another heel stick (seriously, it seems like they had their heels poked about 100 times at the hospital for various tests).

At the doctor's office, I stayed in the waiting room with Miles while Jason went back with Vivienne.  I'm grateful that he will take on those kinds of parental duties, because I think it would bring me to tears to see her crying in pain, even though I'm sure it doesn't hurt that much and doesn't last long.  I could hear her crying from the waiting room and I almost cried.

While I was in the waiting room, I nursed Miles (because he started crying and rooting, which seems to be a constant state for him these days) with the new nursing cover that Mary (my sister-in-law) got for me.  It was great to be able to feed him without worrying about modesty.  It makes me feel much more prepared to do it next time.  Too bad I can't ever feed them both at the same time in public.  That's an advanced maneuver that I'm sure I will never master.

After the pediatrician, the babies were sleeping, so I ventured out to Holly Springs to return the breast pump that we rented for the first month out of the hospital.  We made it all the way to Holly Springs and back without either baby melting down.  Success!

However, I realized when I was talking to the lady who rented us the pump... that my shirt felt strange around my neck.  When I got back in the car, I realized my shirt was on backwards.  Oh, well.  At least all the people at the peds office are either parents or pediatric nurses or doctors.  I'm sure they have seen worse.

So even though my shirt was on backwards, at least I successfully accomplished something outside our house (returning the pump).  These small victories really do give me more confidence as a new mom of twins.

Speaking of which, they are still asleep in their car seats so I should probably try to close my eyes for 5 minutes here...


  1. Pretty soon you just won't care that a boob is out in public, hehe.

    Happy One Month Birthday Miles and Vivienne!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I've been in Target with banana smeared all over my rear end when I was wearing black yoga pants. I'd have been thrilled to have my shirt on backwards instead. Next time I see you I'll give you the full version of the "banana butt" story...

  3. Ok, the banana butt definitely beats the backwards shirt. Maybe one day I'll have poop in my hair and I can top you!