Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 4 Weeks!

 Miles and Vivienne are four weeks old today.  I can't believe that they have been with us almost a month now.  Though these have certainly be a challenging 4 weeks, it has been a breathtaking experience to get to know our little miracles.  We thank God for these beautiful, healthy babies.

Miles weighed 6 lb 10 oz when he was born.  He got down to 5 lb 13 oz.  Now, he weighs almost 8 pounds (7 lb 13 oz, to be exact).  He has gained 2 lb (32 oz) in 24 days.  Vivienne was 5 lb 14.5 oz (they rounded it up to 15 oz at the hospital) when she was born.  She got down to 5 lb 7 oz.  She's now at 7 lb 2.5 oz, so she has gained 27.5 oz in 24 days.  These babies are growing very well. 

Part of me wants to freeze them in time right now, so I can cherish these little ones forever.  But I know that every day of parenthood is a process of letting go.  I want to love watching them grow and learning who they are and introducing them to this wonderful world that God has made for us.  I hope they learn to leave it a little better than they found it, as my grandfather, Charlie, always said.  They come from a legacy of world changers, and I hope that they carry that into their lives.

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  1. As a parent you always want to freeze time, thinking "this has got to be the most fun time in their development." And then they grow a little, and surprise you with yet another trick that makes you think that THIS must be the most fun stage.