Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day on My Own

I have to type this quickly before the babies implode.  =)

Today was my first full day with the babies on my own.  Jason went back to work last Monday, but my mom was here all week to help until Thursday afternoon.  Jason's mom and sister came to visit from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon.  So today was my first day riding totally solo.

All in all, it was a good day.  The babies were fussy this morning, but I'm getting used to hearing them crying at the same time and just having to pick one baby to console.  It's hard to hear the other one crying, but this is the life of a twin mom, I suppose. 

At a couple points today, I had both babies sleeping at the same time.  Here is photographic evidence:

Unfortunately, this didn't last long, but I had to enjoy it while it lasted.  At one point this afternoon, all three of us took a nap together - Vivienne in her swing and Miles sleeping on my chest while I was lying on the sofa.  I think we might have napped for about an hour (which is an ENORMOUS success these days).

I have to celebrate each little victory like today, because each of them give me more confidence that I can handle this and give these babies what they need.


  1. I thought you were going to have a doula helping you out? Great job flying solo. The babies look like they are thriving.

  2. I have the doula coming on Tuesday and Thursday this week to help. I'm trying to stretch out my time with her instead of using it all up at one time. So far so good! =)

  3. As much as you hate to hear the babies cry (and believe me, I understand), part of me wonders if it isn't healthy for them, emotionally. I often feel that we dote on Adria far too much and jump at her every sound, and that a sibling to divide our attention would do her (and us) some good. She would be forced to be patient, and we would be forced to let her fend for herself a bit. You are ahead of this curve. :)

  4. Wow, all three of you napping? For an hour? You are my hero!

  5. Sounds like the first great "solo" day of many to come! You're an excellent mommy already. Thank goodness for boppy's too, right?!