Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Our Birth Weights

Miles and Vivienne had their two week pediatric appointment last Friday.  Vivienne was back up to her birth weight (at 5 lb 15.8 oz on Friday) and Miles was just shy of his birth weight (at 6 lb 8.7 oz on Friday).  By now, Miles has regained past his birth weight.

Miles is 20 inches long - he has gained an inch since being born.  Vivienne is 19.25 inches (having grown 3/4 inch since her birth). 

Here are some of their stats:

  • Height:  20" - 30th percentile
  • Weight:  6 lb 8.7 oz - 7th percentile
  • Head Circumference:  13.25" - 6th percentile
  • Height:  19.25" - 16th percentile
  • Weight:  5 lb 15.8 oz - 3rd percentile (back to her birth weight in under 2 weeks!)
  • Head Circumference:  13 1/8" - 5th percentile
All of the above percentiles are for all babies at 2 weeks of age, not adjusted for gestational age.  Of course, our babies aren't even "full term" yet, so it's not surprising that their percentiles are so low.

Miles' jaundice appears to be completely under control, so that's no longer a concern.  The babies seem to be in perfect health and they are growing well.  We're happy parents!

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