Friday, August 6, 2010

Vivienne Has a Belly Button (Sort Of)!

 Two days ago, Vivienne's belly button stump fell off.  I think she might have accidentally torn it off or something, though, because her belly button was really "goopy" (gross, I know).  Miles' belly button was really cute when his stump fell off, but Vivienne's looked really different.  It was kind of yellowish and had a few drops of puss on it (I know, maybe TMI).  So we called the doctor's office and went in today so that they could check whether it's infected.  If it were infected, then they could put silver nitrate on it to speed up the healing.  They cleaned it off thoroughly with some alcohol and said that they thought it would heal on its own.  We were glad to hear that they didn't need to treat it and that it should be in tip top shape in just a few days.  We think she looks cute even with her goopy yellow new belly button.  =)

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