Friday, August 6, 2010

We Survived!

Yesterday evening, we took the babies out in public for the first time (besides doctor's appointments).  We took them to Harris Teeter, because we needed to pick up some milk and some fruit.  We knew it would be a short trip, and we took them right after we fed them so that they would sleep the whole time.

I took my Maya wrap and carried Vivienne in it the whole time.  Jason carried Miles in the infant carrier.  We thought it would clip right into a shopping cart, but it turns out that's not the case, so we just stuck him in the basket.  We'll have to figure out how that works before our next trip.  =)

Right after we got home, it started pouring down rain.  I guess we had perfect timing with this one.


  1. Congratulations on getting out for the first time! We'll be mall walking with our kiddos in no time! Can't wait to see you again when we get back from the beach.

  2. it's so good not to have to worry about them when you are out running errands. ours do much better in the carriers than being left at home - we just came back from Whole Foods, they didn't make a sound in the store - it's great to get things done and have keep them happy in the same time!

  3. We never clipped the carrier onto the shopping cart...she was in the basket until she was old enough to sit up and ride up front. We'd get some pretty funny looks pulling up to the register with food piled up all around the carrier. :)

    Costco baskets are great for this...except, they make the cart go on one side of the checker and you go on the other, so maybe not so much.

  4. Since we have 4 grocery stores within walking distance I usually just take the stroller in the store. I fill up the bottom with the heavy stuff and I have one of those reusable grocery bags I keep in the stroller that I fill up with the light stuff and just carry on my shoulder. You can't get a ton of groceries this way, but when I was home alone, I was always looking for reasons to get out.