Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures from This Week

Here are just a few cute pictures from this week to share.

Our friend, Jessica, came to visit to meet the babies.  She also ordered us some yummy Papa John's pizza for dinner.  Luckily, the babies were in a pretty good mood while she was here.  Thanks for the great meal and the adorable baby outfits, Jessica!

Here is our beautiful little lady taking a nap.  I could stare at her all day.

I got a Maya Wrap last week and I love it.  I like that I can keep the babies really close and still have my hands free to do other things.  The babies can be right up against my chest.  They seem to really like napping in the wrap.  If you look around my lap, you can see Miles' flailing little legs.  Holding two babies at once - we're getting the hang of this!


  1. Leslie, can you put both babies in one wrap?

  2. The DVD that came with the wrap shows a way to wear them together, but I'm just not coordinated enough to try that yet.