Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Real Baths

Last night, we gave the babies their first real baths.  Vivienne's belly button stump fell off a few days ago, so we are now allowed to give them a real full bath instead of the sponge baths that they have been getting.  They both seemed to enjoy it (or at least tolerate it).  We think maybe Miles liked it a bit more than Vivienne.  I bathed Vivienne and Jason gave Miles his bath.  Neither of the babies cried much, though they did make some funny faces.  I think the experience of being partially submerged in water must feel strange to them after living in air (versus the uterus) for the past 3 weeks.  Here are some pictures of their first bath experience:

Daddy giving Miles a bath.  Maybe he'll be a water baby like his daddy.

Vivienne with Grandma after her bath.

More after bath cuteness from Vivienne.  At this point, we think she's just showing off.  =)


  1. These pictures bring back such good memories! We found that at this age it was easier to take a bath with Adria laying on our lap in the big bath tub than to use the infant tub. Plus then whoever was in the tub got to stay and take a glorious shower once the baby was clean. Once she could hold her head up we switched to bathing her with the infant tub in the big tub.