Friday, August 20, 2010

Miles Packs a Punch

A couple days ago, I was changing Miles' diaper around 7 in the morning.  I was pretty tired after a long night of feeding the babies.  They wake up about every 2 hours to eat all night long, so that makes for a tired mommy in the morning.

Anyway, so I was changing Miles' diaper on the changing table in our room.  I guess I was a little slow with my "defense" that morning, because Miles pooped with such force that it traveled at least 4 feet and hit the wall behind our TV and behind the chest of drawers.  I had to wait for Jason to wake up to help me move the chest of drawers and the TV so that I could clean behind them.  It was insane. 

At the time, this was not very funny.  In retrospect, this probably makes a good story for a rehearsal dinner toast for him some day.  I'm hoping that this "power pooping" wears off before he starts eating solid foods.


  1. Awesome! We've had projectile poop from Claire, but not 4 feet yet. Will can hit objects many feet away with his pee though. He's also pooped on me during/after nursing twice, so much so that it's running out his legs, down my arms and stomach, on the boppy, etc. Requires a full bath to get it out of his hair and so forth once you take the clothes off. Yay babies!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lynn, that's too funny! Vivienne did pee on me one night while I was feeding them. It ran down the nursing pillow and down onto me and onto our bed. Then I had to ask myself... is it worth unlatching them and cleaning this up? I decided to just sit in it until they were done. Wow - I never thought I would be so comfortable with urine!