Monday, August 30, 2010

Leslie: 1, Mastitis: 0

After some antibiotics and an entire day of sleeping in bed (literally an entire DAY of sleeping), I'm feeling much, much better.  I still have a little headache and I'm still tired (which is a perpetual state of being these days), but my fever is down and I'm pretty much back to my normal self.  We went for a walk this morning with Jason's parents.  We walked about 2.5 miles (turns out I was walking 2.5 miles all along, thinking that I was walking 3.5 miles... I forgot my mile markers on the trail) this morning before it got hot and it was great.

I'm worried that my milk supply might be a little lower than usual, but the babies are definitely getting something because they're spitting up and I'm still able to pump a little.  It's kind of frustrating to guess what your supply is, because you can't see it while the babies nurse.  The only way to know that it's down is to only pump or to use a highly sensitive scale with the babies before/after feeding (we have a scale, but it's not precise enough).

So, while mastitis really had me down yesterday, I'm back to full speed ahead now.

Leslie: 1.  Mastitis: 0.


  1. So glad you are recovering quickly. I hated hearing that you'd gotten mastitis - bad news! Hang in there.

  2. Babies really should come with a built-in flow meter, shouldn't they? That was a huge frustration of ours early on, as well.