Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dirty Bath

Two nights ago, we gave the babies their second real bath.  We bathed Miles first.  After sitting in his little tub for about 3 minutes, Miles promptly pooped in it.  For those of you who haven't had experience with newborn breastfed poop, it's mustard-colored and has little curds in it.  So it completely dispersed itself in his bath.  Then we pulled him out, and he pooped in the towel we were drying him in.  Ew.

Then we washed the bath and refilled it again for Vivienne.  Within the first minute she pooped in it twice.  Seriously, Vivienne?  I think these babies don't like getting clean.

And if I'm remembering correctly, I'm pretty sure she peed in the towel that we dried her off with as well.  I never thought I would be so comfortable with pee and poop.


  1. This is why I laugh when people say they don't want to use cloth diapers because they don't want to deal with poop. There is no escaping it!

  2. Such a funny post! My Miles....loves to poop in the bath! =) Maybe that should be added to the previous post! Or to his caption photo? So cute! It's good you're keeping record of all of this because I've heard as memorable and funny as these moments are now, that over time there are just so many of them that every parent tends to forget. That's probably especially true with twins...come to think of it, maybe they were in on this bath contamination scheme together?! Seriously, though, so glad you're blogging all these special moments & sharing them with us! Its so fun to read your blog. I check for new updates all the time. =)

  3. I agree with Katie. LOVE your blog. It's such a highlight of my week to look back at what you've posted. How are the cats dealing with the twins? I want to read a blog about that! :)