Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Vivienne

Vivienne is happy.  If I had one word to describe this baby, it would be happy.  She always has a happy look on her face, sometimes even when she's crying.  She wakes up happy.  Vivienne may fuss for a couple of seconds after she wakes up, but she often soothes herself back to sleep.  If we come pick her up, she usually immediately stops crying.

Vivienne patiently waits while her brother gets set up to breastfeed first.  She will just lie on the pillow with her usual little semi-smile and wait for her chance to eat.  This definitely comes in handy when her older brother (older by 3 minutes) is not feeling so patient.

Vivienne has the most gorgeous, huge eyes.  She makes the funniest faces.  Her hair is light brown and soft.  She has that wonderful new baby smell.  Vivienne has beautiful, rosy, soft baby skin and lovely pink lips.

Vivienne has the cutest little baby Buddha belly.  She was 5 lb 15 oz when she was born.  She weighs over 7 pounds now.  She has a voracious appetite.  =)

Vivienne likes to take a bath.  She loves it when her daddy holds her.  She likes to kick her chubby little legs and sit in her bouncy seat. 

Vivienne is my amazing daughter.  I will love her more than she knows forever.