Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Day Alone

Today was my first day all by myself with the babies.  Jason went back to work on Monday and has been at work all this week.  My mom was here to help, though, so that I wouldn't be by myself yet.  (Huge thanks to Mom for holding babies and all the help here.  It has been invaluable.)  Today, Mom went back to Georgia.  Jason's mother and sister are coming tonight to meet the babies.

So from noon until about 5:30, I was riding solo.  Once I dropped Mom off at the airport, I drove the babies back to the house by myself.  I realized that was the first time that I was driving alone with my babies.  Even the little successes make me feel more confident.  We got home ok with no meltdowns.

After I got home, it was a different story.  Miles and Vivienne both started crying.  And when I say "crying," I mean full out losing their minds.  They were turning red and screaming their heads off.  I had to just pick one baby and console him - I chose Miles this time because he gets more escalated more quickly.  So I held him and rocked him.  Meanwhile, Vivienne was in the little swing crying her eyes out.  In less than 5 minutes, I was crying, too.  It was really hard for me to watch Vivienne crying there with no one holding her or consoling her.  At this point, I had to just take Miles upstairs so that I wouldn't have to watch Vivienne cry.  Luckily, within about 10 minutes, Vivienne had cried herself to sleep.  I was able to finally get Miles to relax and close his eyes, and then I took a short nap on the couch with him lying on my chest.

From then on out, the day actually went very well.  The babies rarely cried at the same time.  I nursed them each separately today because I couldn't bring myself to wake up whichever baby was sleeping.  After feeding Miles, he actually sat in his bouncy seat, happy as a clam, for at least 30 or 45 minutes.  At that time I was feeding Vivienne, but it was fun to watch him enjoying himself.  He even made a couple of beginning cooing noises.  I think he'll be cooing soon.

Jason got home around 5:30, and me and the babies had survived our day.  I know this time will go by fast, so I have to make a point to enjoy the time while I can... even if one or both of the babies are crying their heads off. 

Thank you, God, for a good first day with my beautiful babies.  =)


  1. I can relate! I just hate hearing one of them cry so hard. I feel like a bad mom leaving that baby, knowing they must think no one is ever coming (i'm sure they don't, but...). You are doing great. They forgive you :)

  2. The part about ALL of you crying together just touches my heart and almost makes ME cry.
    All in all, sounds like your first day alone together was a success. You're a wonderful mother. I miss them so much I could cry right now. Cannot wait to see them again.