Friday, August 20, 2010

Mall Walk

This morning, I had a message from a friend from church who wanted to see if me and the babies wanted to get out for a bit this afternoon.  To be honest with you, my first thought was that that was a crazy idea.  How in the world can I take the babies out?  What if they cry?  What if they have an explosive diaper?  What if...

Oh, wait.  Then I realized that I do, at some point, actually have to try to get out of my house and take these little cuties along with me.  If they do cry, it's not the end of the world.  And I really wanted to have the opportunity to get to know my church friend better.

So, we went to Cary Towne Center (a mall).  It was great!  I had lunch with my friend in the food court.  The "Thai" food was a bit sketchy (pad thai with fried chicken in it?  seriously??), but the conversation was wonderful and it was so fun to hang out with her.  The babies just chilled out in the Snap 'n Go stroller the whole time.  At the end of lunch, Vivienne got a little fussy, so we started walking around the mall.  When it started getting close to the babies' next feeding time, they got a bit more fussy, so we went out into the parking and snapped them into the car.

Miles has a hysterical cry that sounds like a cat being tortured or something, so I'm not yet ready to have him "unleash his inner beast" in public yet.  On the way home, Vivienne cried a bit, but nothing too dramatic.  Luckily, Miles was asleep the entire time.  The inner beast remained caged.

So today marks yet another successful trip out in the public with the world's most gorgeous twins.  =)  I will survive.  (I can hear Gloria Gaynor now.)  Thanks to Pam (not our doula, Pam) for a fun afternoon!

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  1. I always pay attention to which restaurants are noisy now. Cause no one cares if a baby cries in one of those restaurants. Granted you have to eat fast and you might have to take turns eating, but being able to get out every once in a while makes it worth it. Plus I think kids that are used to going to restaurants don't act out as much. Last time we went to our favorite sushi place every table had a kid at it or an infant car seat on one of the chairs. We once put Adria's bumbo seat on top of the table at that place, hehe.