Saturday, August 14, 2010

Superdad Changes Diapers

I forgot to post about this before during our hospital story, but here goes a quick post.

At the hospital, Jason had the honor of doing the first parental diaper change.

Jason changing Vivienne's diaper.

Jason changed almost every single diaper in the hospital.  I think I may have changed one before we came home.  He also continues to change lots of diapers here at home.  He also gets up with me during lots of the nighttime feedings and changes their diapers, swaddles them, and puts them back down in their crib (which is in our room).

He's a wonderful daddy.  I'm so thankful that I get to parent these little babies with such an active, engaged daddy.


  1. Was this the first time Jason ever changed a diaper?

  2. I think Jason had changed a diaper or two in his life, but he had not had much practice. Now, he has had LOTS of practice. =)