Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I've Learned Since Having Twins

  • To eat as quickly as I can (sometimes without chewing) before they wake up
  • To eat without dropping food on the baby's/babies' heads because I'm wearing them in a sling or eating while they're eating on my breastfeeding pillow (quite a sight!)
  • To not use the restroom for at least 8 hour stretches (who has the time for that anyway?)
  • To shower at lightning speed (Wait - do I hear the babies crying over the sound of the shower?  Should I pretend I don't hear that?)
  • To change a diaper quickly enough to avoid being pummeled by urine or feces
  • To keep wearing the same shirt even if it has some milk and/or urine on it (when did a little urine hurt anybody?)
  • To open a door with one hand and pull a double stroller through it with the other hand
  • To carry two babies at once
  • To breastfeed two babies at the same time
  • To clean poop off of walls, clothing, carpet and furniture
  • To clean urine and milk off of the couch (watch where you sit at our house!)
  • To love my babies to the moon and back

1 comment:

  1. A resounding YES is coming from Chapel Hill...we are laughing and nodding and agreeing with every one of those. I especially second the eating fast and eating over their heads. I found a raisin in one of their sleepers the other night; I was snacking on the raisins and lost one - hey, there it was later at a diaper change! BTW, my new grocery store strategy: push the cart, pull the double stroller by the car seat handle. Easier to steer both. (And drive up for the groceries.)